Bedtime with Berger

Valesca Peters and Beth Hall’s side project, Bedtime with Berger, is back up on the website. An hilarious interview with Helmut Berger about the behind the scenes antics on Ash Wednesday.

Helmut Berger Performs Göttingen


Alexandre Tharaud’s Barbara

The pianist, Alexandre Tharaud, pays tribute to singer-songwriter Barbara with this double album that features illustrious guest performers.  Barbara shares a place of honour in French music with Jacques Brel and Georges Brassens.  Among the featured artists (Juliette Binoche, Vanessa Paradis and Jane Birkin to name a few) is Helmut Berger performing Göttingen.

Click the link below to learn more about this September 29th Release:,0190295759155/alexandre-tharaud-barbara

Helmut Berger interview with Helga König

Lieber Helmut Berger, nachdem ich mich vor geraumer Zeit im Rahmen einer Kolumne auf “Buch, Kultur und Lifestyle” mit großem Interesse  mit Ihrer Person näher befasst habe, freue ich mich nun, einige Fragen an Sie richten zu dürfen.

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“The Damned Man´s Speech” shooting has continued in 2017 in Salzburg, Austria.

In April 2017, we will start a Kickstarter project to donate money for archive material. Stay Tuned!


ICS Award Nominations

• Helmut Berger – Saint Laurent
• Emory Cohen – Brooklyn
• Benicio Del Toro – Sicario
• Walton Goggins – The Hateful Eight
• Oscar Isaac – Ex Machina
• Mark Rylance – Bridge of Spies

Filme Luchino Visconti

La rétrospective Luchino Visconti au festival du film de La Rochelle nous donne envie de poser cette question simple : c’était qui ou plutôt c’était quoi Luchino Visconti ?